Yair Hamburger záróbeszéde a 20. Maccabi Világjátékokon

​Dear Chaverim, 
We had a remarkable Maccabiah,
Bigger and better than ever.
I would like to thank all those involved.
First to Amir Peled, Chairman of the Maccabiah, for his tireless work
and efforts which brought this wonderful result.
To all the excellent staff that worked with him.
Well done!! You were all amazing.
To Eyal Tiberger, MWU’s CEO, for his great work, 
who contributed so much to the great success.
And to the Maccabi World Union Team – you did an outstanding job.
To Macabi Carasso, the man and the legend, a huge hug.
To my friend Leo Dan Bensky, MWU’s President,
to the Vice Presidents, Heads of the Confederations, Vice Chairmen and members of the Secretariat, to all the Heads of TOs and Heads of delegations, without you, and the athletes that you brought to Israel – there would not have been such a wonderful Maccabiah.
If I could, I would hug each and every one of you personally.
Thank you for everything and all you do.
Yair Hamburger