Hanukkah message from the President of MWU

Dear Chaverim,


The festival of Hanukkah is approaching. I would like to repeat what I said in my message last year: In my home up north in Finland this time of the year is filled with darkness and thus we are perhaps even more enthusiastically than others waiting to light the Hanukkah candles!


Unfortunately, since the beginning of October there has been an ongoing wave of terror stabbing attacks killing several innocent civilian Jews and injuring many more. Why is the world silent, why is the western media ignoring these outrageous atrocities taking place. Why do we not hear any condemnation from leaders of the free world? The Palestinian leaders are inciting with lies and encouraging their people to go on and escalate these barbaric acts!


I urge all our Maccabi members and friends to do what we can to wake up the leaders and the media in our respective countries, Israel and the people of Israel need all possible support in these difficult times.


To all our friends and family in Israel I say: “You are in our thoughts all the time and we send you our warmest sympathy and assurance of eternal support and solidarity” !


In July 2015 we had the European Maccabi Games in Berlin, Germany. Once again I want to send words of gratitude to the EMC and to Makkabi Germany for these very well organized Games. The Importance and symbolic value of Jewish athletes competing at the Olympic Park in Berlin was enormous.


In December we will go to the Pan-American Maccabi Games in Santiago, Chile. I have learned that preparation there are very well underway and I wish the Organizing Committee in Santiago lots of success in these Games.


Just before Hanukkah I have the privilege to participate in the 90th Anniversary celebrations of Maccabi Australia. On behalf of MWU I want to congratulate Maccabi Australia for the great job you are doing “Downunder”, we wish you lots of continuous success!


I send my warmest greetings (from the cold north..)  to all Maccabi leaders  and members in our territorial Organizations and Confederations and I thank you all for carrying the Maccabi torch and spreading the Maccabi message of light !


Chag Hanukkah Sameach

Chazak Veamatz


Leo-Dan Bensky

President, Maccabi World Union



Maccabi VAC Hanukkah in 2014