“Together against the tide”

“Whoever saves one life, saves the whole world”

Less well known and one of the largest rescue action was successfully taken in Hungary in  prior during the II. World War. Zionist youth who belonged to different organizations during the inhuman period of their lives without sparing they abducted 15 000 youths from Palestine through Romania.

Later, during the Arrow Cross regime they saved thousands of Jews lives with their forged Schutzpass (moult). And perhaps the most important thing that could have happened during siege of Budapest they operated 50 children’s home and hosted approximately 6,000 children until the liberation.

All these facts even among the Jewish public would not really known, but it may be your relative, friend, it was among the saved, or even had a savior.

David Gur (Endre Grosz), who had written the history of this age and He collected the participants of resistance and biography of one of the leaders of the resistance through  decades of work and research. The niche work was released in Hebrew and English years ago.

We just ask for your help to release a book in English and spread it to secondary schools and public libraries forwarding it to the young people to learn about the historical reality.

“Together against the tide” would be the title of the book if you would also help.

“Together against the tide ” foundation looking for sponsors who makes donations allow the book’s appearance.

Each donor’s name on it and at least 10 000 HUF was numbered donors shall transmit a complimentary copy of the book. (The book is expected to retail price of £ 5000).

Please help us the book to be published with your donations!

The foundation’s account number: 11713012-20007470 (OTP)

(From abroad: IBAN: HU37117130122000747000000000)

Thanks in advance for their support:

the name “Together against the tide” Foundation:

dr. Judith Kardi