Sporty day on a sunny day

However  the weather was just a bit windy, it was a glorious time for a sports day on Sunday. Regarding the favorable weather , plenty of children and adults came to the sports center Marczibányi to cooperate in sports with their Jewish friends.

Al ages attended this event.  Toddlers did ballet on stage, dazzling drawings made by children of primary school, teenagers and young adults learned hora dance steps, elementary school students competed in running, basketball and soccer. Of course, the speed and dexterity games did not stay out of the list.

The adults running, soccer, basketball and tennis were duel with each other.

In addition to the sport activities , other kind of  programs entertained the crowd as well. The children played amongst balloons, lion houses and drifted in a playground of a fairy-tale atmosphere while adults listened to a concert, and tasted their much favored falafel pitas, sour flans and sweet waffles.

The event also had the opportunity to overcome your fears. Several people tried to jump a double extreme somersaults and others were fighting gravity while spinning in all directions according to colorful steel of structure.

The five-time Olympic champion Agnes Keleti,were presented at this event who our gymnasts pupil were taking photos with.

Thank you for the behalf of Maccabi VAC and Judafest!