Participation in the MWU Congress

kongresszusThe representatives of the Maccabi VAC Hungary and the organizers of the European Maccabi Games Budapest participated in the MWU Congress in Israel. The plenum sessions and the sport committee meetings focused on the upcoming Maccabiah Games that will be held this summer. It was a great opportunity for the Hungarian organizers to oversee the operational works of the third biggest sport event in the world. This visit contributed to adapt the best practices in the preparation works, to organize a high level event in 2019 and manage all the key areas smoothly during the Games in Budapest. The participants of the congress got an insight about the registration system, logistical tasks, the accommodation of the athletes, the recruitment of the volunteers, the competitions of the different age groups and also about the cultural activities during the Maccabiah2017. 

Maccabiah is not only an event planning guide but also a PR opportunity for the EMG2019. The first agreements have been made about the communication channels that will be the primary promotional tools of the EMG2019 during the Maccabiah2017 where most of the potential participants of the European games will be also represented.  

FullSizeRenderIn front of all the Maccabi territorial organizations Péter Stern, the General Director of the EMG2019 Sport Organizing Ltd and Ádám Jusztin, the Chairman of the Maccabi VAC Hungary played the EMG2019 promotional video that could be watched previously in the official Facebook page of 15th European Maccabi Games.

The Hungarian board gladly announced that the concrete infrastructural developments have been discussed about the new sports and community centre that was mentioned as a planned investment in the Congress last year. The building will have a key role in the logistical processes because it will function as the main hub during the Games. After the European Maccabi Games it will become the center of the sport and cultural activities for local and international Jewish communities. Beside the many sport, educational and cultural events it will be a home to other communities as well in the spirit of cooperation and acceptance.

The leaders of the other Maccabi territorial organizations were interested in the upcoming EMG2019 pre-tournaments. The board presented the two international sport championships that will be held this year: Maccabi Futsal Cup in April and Maccabi Waterpolo Hanukkah Cup in December.