The message of 5775-5776 Maccabi World Union

Leo Dan Bensky, president of the Maccabi World Union’s speech is in this month’s newsletter of the association. 

Leo-Dan Bensky

By the end of this year 5775 the president remembers the tragic events of the year, which was committed against the Jews all over the world. Because of the growing anti-Semitism to call attention in order to protect ourselves against the whole ideology of hatred that total solidarity only with our experience that we strive unified action by the Jewish people and preach the importance of togetherness.

Due to years of anti-Semitism the chairmen stated it is an outstanding event and the activities of the association keeps a milestone that the 14th European Maccabi Games this year in Berlin, Germany organized. Venue of the event reflects the dedication, which represents the Maccabi World Union, and which intends to re-draw the attention of the President’s message as a portion of a speech on 6th August

“The significance of Berlin European Maccabiah Games is huge. Jewish athletes now returned to the Berlin Olympic Park, where 79 years ago a Jewish fellow athletes banned racing. It’s hard to describe, during the opening ceremony, how deep emotion we all lived through – meeting survivals and return of the Jewish people. Thousands of Jewish athletes and supporters sang anthems of Israel proclaiming that the people of Israel is alive at the scene of Hitler’s headquarters. ”

The president’s speech concluded that the European Maccabi Federation and Maccabi congratulated Germany: Kol hakavod és Am Yisrael chai!

The newsletter of Leo Dan Bensky also expressed appreciation to the Maccabi organization in Santiago who achieved a tremendous success, and sends his gratitude to all the local Maccabi organizations, who are working for the future of the Jewish community.

The President also mentioned the upcoming European Maccabi Federation Congress that will be based in Budapest from 11th– 15th  November 2015. He also talked about the forthcoming Latin American Maccabi Association congress, as well as thanked for Roby Croitorescu management, who mainly contributed the organization’s success. In the letter, Maccabi Australia has also received attention, as it will soon celebrate the 90th anniversary of its foundation.

In the end of the newsletter hee sends his New Year’s greetings  to all maccabi members and their families. He closed the ranks with the following sentence: Chaz Ve’Amatz! Be strong and courageous!

The Maccabi VAC Hungary warmly wishes a happy new year to the Hungarian Jews!

Shana tova umetuka!