Invitation for VAC board meeting

Invitation to the meeting for the Maccabi Fencing Athletics Club 2016, March 10.

Location: The Israeli Cultural Centre, Paulay Ede Street 1, Teva Room

Date: Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 5:00 PM

In the event if something is unable to decide, the next meeting will be in the same place at 5.30 PM. This meeting will undoubtedly bring forth a decision, not taking into account the number of participants, unless the policy says otherwise.

Esteemed club members!

Let’s strive to produce a large group for this meeting!


  • The election of the Chairman, Head of Protocol, two vote counters and a notary Member
  • Records of 2015
  • Plans for 2016
  • Planning for the 2017 games

We ask our members if they have anything to add to the meeting program, please contact the Athletics Club within eight days in writing to

Budapest, 2016. 02.11.

Kőszegi Judit

Club Manager