Half Marathon in Tel Aviv with Maccabi VAC Hungary!


The Maccabi Fencing and Athletic club’s runner successfully competed in the 2010 half marathon in Tel Aviv!

Our racer, Julianna Imre took part in the half marathon on May 14, which according to Israel’s Gregorian calendar is their day of independence.

The race started bright and early at 6:30 AM, because even though the mornings and evening are nice and warm, the daytime can bring sweltering temperatures.

The trail was beautiful: from it’s start at the Yarkon Park, the race ran along the seaside, up Allenby street to Rothschild street, through the Bauhaus buildings, turning at the Bima theatre, and back the same way to the ocean.

Music accompanied the race, as well as many joyful supporters along the way.

Refreshments were available at every third kilometre, as well as at the finish line, where all the participants received a medal.

Even though many have participated in similar Israeli races, it was a wonderful experience for almost 5,000 runners.

Our Miss Julianna placed 37th at an hour and 55 minutes.

We hope to be there next year as well!