Fun Run was an unforgettable experience this year

This year the Community Fun Run running race was organized in the Jewish quarter of Budapest for the fifth time. On that day the weather was brilliants with radiant sunshine, a real summer heat wave came into town, but the heat did not even discourage the community from  participating the event.

More than 300 people registered for the race who by paying the entry fee they supported all Jewish and non-Jewish organizations in our program. The targets resource consistent with the objectives of the organizations by their support, all of which will represent a further significant physical realization of a dream for the community.
The total headcount of 500 people attended the event all who were curious about our other programs in addition to or instead of the running race. First the Holmes Place held a warm-up which followed by members of the community were dancing fun zumba exercises.

In parallel with running several other programs were available for children. Different kind of  mini sports championships were held for children with the help of animators assistance. Moreover, there were a mini disco; a giant parachute; juggling and music quiz game as well.

The Excellency of the event, Ilan Mor, Israel’s ambassador also visited and had an inspirational speech for the community. Right after the Ambassador’s speech the one-kilometer race started with the sound of the shofar, which is blown by Rabbi Thomas Verő this year.

All runners had excellent results of the 5km running race in spite of the sweltering weather. The majority of participants do sports regularly and some of the people were members of the Maccabi VAC department of athletics.

The 1-km distance the participants proved to be very colorful running group. Children were sitting on their parents’ necks, they were also hanging on their folk’s arms. The primary school children were running whilst holding their hands with their families. Young, middle-aged, men and women sufficiently ease sped passed each other. Members of the Association Para-fit steadily and happily ran with us. Older people were either running or walking they also crossed the finish line, where all participants got a medal of  the victory and  heroic performance of  Fun Run. Everyone who took part in the fulfillment of any term or simply running and  paid the entry fee, they did something generous to the Hungarian Jewish community in order to set the future  programs, plans , renovations of Jewish organizations.

Another highlight of the event was the long-awaited raffle, which took place after the completion of the run. Many gifts were raffled off:  such as courtesy of a monthly pass, ticket and daily massages by Holmes Place,; La Bodeguita Del Medio and dinner offered Spinoza, while Maccabi VAC laptop bag was nice. The two grand prize raffle last divided like this.

The Smart Travel provided accommodation for two person in Berlin, at the scene of the European Maccabi Games, and a lucky runner was surprised to travel to Israel by the Israeli El Al airline.

The community members pulled out of the start numbers that were allowed them automatically participate in the raffle. The crowd increased attention and huge excitement accompanied with the winner, even themselves gleefully, with a broad smile on their faces appeared for the gifts.

Approximately forty people were volunteering to organize and execute Fun Run. All of them  diligently worked from early morning to late afternoon of the event in order to have a successful event. We would like to thank you very much for your work!

Shemesh Bakery and Pizza Me assured the food for the volunteers during the event.

A great number of  photos and videos recorded , which are also due for volunteers, and below it can be assumed.

Thank you to everyone for your participation, we are looking forward to meeting you again next year! Step by step let us do our best for our Jewish community in 2016.