EMG results – 5th Day

The players face a quite difficult day on Sunday  almost in spite of the fact that they successfully executed all matches. Athletes of Maccabi VAC obtained many medals during the day.

Men’s triathlon:

Bene Martin completed the race in 5 hours 41 minutes and 36 seconds, so he took the men’s triathlon gold medal.

 Women’s triathlon:

Zsofia Boros was done with the race in 6 hours 25 minutes and 14 seconds, she won  the women’s gold medal.

Fencing Group:

Singer Martin, Lorand Adam Benjamin Fruhauf  were the bronze medalists in team playing.


Garam Nora, Gardos Judith,  Martin Singer won silver medal in the competition.

Even Bridge:

The Hungarian bridge masters great games occupied two places on the podium.

Silver medal: Andras Kovacs and Andrew Fogaras in pair

Bronze medal: Péter Gál and István Gero  in pair

Junior Futsal:

Great Britain and Hungary competed, unfortunately, 10: 1 the Hungarian team lost.

Adult Futsal (men)

Turkey and Hungary competed. 5: 10 from the Hungarian team won, making it the ninth place in the Games.