Brüll memorial

A commemoration was held for the eternal honorary president of MTK Budapest at the Israeli cemetery in Kozma Street.  At the recently renewed Brüll Crypt on Friday morning there was a commemoration to Mr Alfred Brüll, the eternal honorary President of the MTK held by the mourners, leaders of the blue-white sport Club, and several sympathizers.

The event was opened by Mr Laszlo Fekete, chief cantor of Dohany Synagogue, to remember about the members of the Brüll Family.  Afterwards, Radnainé Fogarasi Katalin, the Director-General of the National Heritage Institute, greeted the congregation. She said that the Brüll crypt is a part of the National Gravestone, one of more than six thousand protected tombs and noted that it was very gratifying that the investment was completed in time and within the budget deadline.

Following the speech of the Director-General, Anna Nagy and István Kohán, the musicians of the Budapest Klezmer Band, entertained the audience with songs from collection of Poland.

Dr. Tamás Deutsch, President of MTK Budapest, zealously praised his legendary predecessor.

The largest Hungarian club president of all time, successful businessman who spoke six languages, founder and president of two dozen sports federations and clubs, he could not achieve his success except as a confident, strong and purposeful man.

If we look at faded photos in his eyes, we almost bump into his penetrating look.

According to Tamás Deutsch, Brüll was the first to act as a true patron in Hungarian sport: built, donated, gifted to his club and athletes from his own wealth.

Alfréd Brüll is one of the best people of ours. He is a model in what he did and how he lived.

His life is an uplifting example of how a person’s talent flourishes.

And his death is a terrifying reminder of how horrible can be the man and the humanity.