13th Hungarian Amateur Thai Box Championship


This November, we held the 13th Hungarian Amateur Thai Box Championship! This was the most successful championship, as this event was highly attended by the most clubs and competitors in the history of the event. There were more than 50 matches, and even though the rules were according to amateur matches, we were able to see almost a professional level of boxing. This year, we opened the participation in combat sports, this way the matches were even more enjoyable. 

At the event, we shared the goals and plans of the Maccabi VAC. 

Our main goal is to spread the popularity of Thai Box in the country, and internationally. We would also like to assemble a great team with high goals to achieve medals in Europe, and around the world. 

Our closest foreseeable goal is to organise an international combat sport gala with the Maccabi VAC and the Hungarian Thai Box Group, and to invite all the Maccabi organisations worldwide to participate in the event. 

A good base for this would be a Hungarian-Israeli Muay Thai competition, where we would organise many matches with Hungarian and international participants. We would round out this event with other combat sport team competitions in 2011.