Rome’s Hungarian Favourites

A historical soccer exhibit opened in Rome, titled “Rome’s Hungarian Favourites!” in the Roman Hungarian Academy. The exhibit mainly focuses on the relations between AS Roma and the Lazio, but also remembers Arpad Weisz, the most successful Hungarian coach in Italy, winning titles with both Ambrosiana-Inter and Bologna, killed with his family in Auschwitz; as well as Erno Egri-Erbstein, who took part in the success of the Grande Torino, tragically killed with his family in an airplane accident.

Included in Rome’s favourite Hungarian players were those of the MTK and VAC teams, who played in Italy during the 20s and 30s. The exhibit was made possible through the cooperation of the Maccabi VAC and the Roman Hungarian Academy.


During the opening celebration, we heard many wonderful speeches, by ambassador Zoltan Kovacs, curator Gyorgy Szasz, and the president of the Maccabi VAC and the EMG 2019 Budapest, Adam Jusztin.


The exhibit is open until the 15th of October, 2017.