Open discussion about the EMG2019

At the European Maccabi Congress in November 2015 Budapest won the right to organize the European Maccabi Games in 2019.

Motivated by this life-changing opportunity, we held a round table discussion in February in the Balint Jewish Community Center where everybody interested in the EMG 2019 project was welcome.

The discussion was led by Ivan Rózsa, the EMG 2019’s director of communication. Iván Rózsa, Ádam Jusztin and Péter Stern, project management for the EMG 2019, gladly answered all questions posed by the participants of the event.

The managers spoke about the preparation period for the competition, the content of the presentation given at the EMC Congress and informed the audience about the current workflows. The participants agreed with the management of the EMG 2019 that this event will have a long-term affect on the future of the Hungarian Jewish community.

We will regularly organize similar forum talks to keep all our members updated about the Games.

Conversation in Bálint Ház
Some of the main topics discussed during the forum were the motivations for the submission to the competition, what kind of difficulties emerged, how the election took place, and what happened in the meantime. In the future, the Maccabi VAC is planning to keep these kinds of conversations going so the entire Jewish community can feel ownership of this amazing opportunity.