New Tatami for the Karate team


The Maccabi VAC Karate team is one of the oldest groups in our organisation. We now have more than 50 participants who attend our program, with practices twice a week. We’ve had many combat coaches, among them karate, wrestling and Brazilian Ju Jitsu coaches.

Our goal is to expand to the Lauder Javne School and recruit students from there as well. This is important to us because since our base is at the Scheiber School, we have a hard time working together with the children from Lauder, due to the distance between the two schools. Furthermore, we strive to introduce new clubs in order to expand the social, athletic and religious spheres of the children. With this, the introduction of a self-defense sport, children can learn discipline and confidence, which is extremely important for young students. This year, we will be expanding our combat sport accessories with a new tatami.