IX.  Maccabi Hanukkah Futsal Tournament 

IX. Maccabi Hanukkah Futsal Tournament 

On the 2nd of December this year 3 Hungarian well known organizations such as Maccabi VAC -Balint Haz cultural house and Hasomer Hacair gathered to present an open futsal tournament to the jewish community.

8 different Jewish background team  were participated and had a great time together.

The highlight of the event was the show game between Rabbis and 8-12 years old yougsters with a draw at the end.

Among the group games and the semi-finals we had a speech from Tamas Róna Rabbi about the meaning of the Hanukkah and the celebration  of the 8 days.

At the end of the tournament we had a grand final between Maccabi Veszperém and Jewentus and it got so equal. We had to do penaltys to decide. We are happy to announce that Maccabi Veszprém won the shootout .

All the participants and all the organizers did amazing job!
We thanks for them!

We are looking forward to the 10th Maccabi Hanukkah Futsal Cup next year.