At Home and International Star Chess Success!


The Maccabi VAC’s Star Chess department successfully took part in the home and international games. This year was special because we dedicated the games to Theodore Herzl. In this spirit, this summer, as a part of the closing ceremony, Laszlo Polgar, the head of the department and organiser of the event made a special speech about Herzl. All had a wonderful time at the Jewish community centre in Balatonfured. The games were sponsored by the Hungarian Zionist Group. We were delighted to play with other nationalities living in Hungary. 

The Maccabi VAC holds this year in high regard, as the Hungarian team would like to achieve good results in the 2011 European Maccabi Games in Vienna. 

Ivan Herendi, Theodore Herzl’s descendant honoured us with his presence at the match, as well as Judit Kardi, the head of the Hungarian Zionist Group, Laszlo Polgar, the organiser of the match, and Adam Jusztin, the president of the Maccabi VAC Hungary.

We want to especially thank the Hungarian Zionist Group and Judit Kardi for the warm welcome, the venue and the generous support. 

We hope next year we can continue this tradition, with the addition of table tennis games. 

The results of the games: 

  1. June: Israeli singles games

Tel Aviv-Jafo

  1. Kosashvili Alon
  2. Kosashvili Joav
  3. Papp Bence


  1. Kosashvili Joav
  2. Kosashvili Alon

3   -Papp Bence

Bat Yam

  1. Kosashvili Alon
  2. Kosashvili Joav
  3. Papp Bence

Rishon Lezion

  1. Kosashvili Alon
  2. Papp Bence
  3. Kosashvili Joav


  1. June 21. Israel – /youth  Jeruzsálem (36. 5 – 23)

Most points won by Hungarians: 

Kosashvili Alon 10/9. 5

Kosashvili Joav, Papp Bence 10/7. 5-7. 5


  1. July 9. Nagymaros
  1. Kosashvili Joav
  2. Kosashvili Alon
  3. Polgár László
  4. Papp Bence



  1. July 11. Kismaros Mária Festival 
  1. Kosashvili Joav
  2. Kosashvili Alon
  3. Papp Bence
  4. Fuszek Áron
  5. Eri Rafael


  1. July. 12: Sturovo (Slovakia)

1-2. Koshasvili Alon- Papp Bence

  1. Joav Koshasvili


  1. July 13. Zebegény
  1. Papp Bence
  2. Kosashvili Joav
  3. Kosashvili Alon


  1. July. 17: VB Pardubice, Cseh Republic

Lightning (5’-5’)

  1. Akóts Gábor HU
  2. Jurij Zezulkin POL
  3. Rusz Árpád ROM

Rapid (20’- 20’)

  1. Akóts Gábor HU
  2. Czebe Attila HU
  3. Rusz Árpád ROM

Youth 20’-20’ rapid under 18 

  1. Valerij Semeakin UK

Youth 5’-5’  under 18 

  1. Joav Koshasvili HU/ISR



  1. August 8. Balatonfüred

Herzl Tivadar games doubles

Akóts Gábor (worldchampion) – Czebe Attila (worldchampion 2.) 3: 3


Eötvös Károly match

  1. Schenkerik Csaba
  2. Papp Bence
  3. Fuszek Áron


Mangold Henrik match

  1. Erdei Tamara
  2. Pereszlényi Gabriella
  3. Erdei Adél


  1. August 17. Hungary-Israelyouth

Most points:

Kosashvili Joav 10/10


  1. August 26. Family matches
Kosashvili Joav 13 points
Kosashvili Alon 11 points
Total 24 points
Papp Bence 15 points
Papp Balázs 1 point
Total 16 points


  1. August 30. Singles games Budapest
  1. Kosashvili Alon 9 points
  2. Kosashvili Joav 7 points
  3. Papp Bence 5. 5 points
  4. Papp Balázs 2. 5 points


Training camps

Budapest, Nagymaros, Bat Yam