Fun Run Again! Community running race in the Jewish quarter

Step by step the Jewish Community!

The Maccabi VAC will host the Fun Run running race in Budapest’s Jewish quarter for the fifth time, on June 7, Sunday. This is a unique community sport event in which all participants support various Jewish and non-Jewish organizations with the payment of entry fees. A beneficial reference is that not only running-lovers participate the event, also families, children, young and old can either walk or even jog the distance along.
Due to the different load-term participants has the possibility to choose between 3 different kind of distance.
1 km – Start: 12:00 – Primarily we suggest this distance for those who has small children, strollers and would like to complete a distance, and also for those who come to the event because of the intention to support your favorite organization, and not because of sports results they want to reach.

5 km – Start: 10:00

10 km – Start: 10:00

In the last two distances are suggested for those who not only subject the payment as their support to the Jewish community but like to express the strength whole body also like to the Jewish community affiliation.

That is why we also evaluate who can not attend the event, or may be unable to walk distances nor because of his entry fee is calculated, in payment of his contribution to the objective of the organization that it has selected for its implementation.

The shofar sound of a running race starts and all finishers with a special gold, silver or bronze medal was placed around his neck in recognition of the participation and performance.

Before the one-kilometer running race  Ilan Mor, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary’s speech may be heard.

Location: corner of Király utca and Kazinczy

The Fun Runo several programs are available here:

For kids (free program!):

mini disco
giant skydiving
sleight of hand
music Quiz
Sporty Adventure

Everyone who paid the registration fee, will participate in the roaring game site where:

dinner Tickets
Kosher wines, cocktails
Fintness passes
and you can win a trip to Israel.

The attraction of the stage:

Sports Demos, nationwide training sessions, speeches and presentations will be exciting. Next door is the Judafest’s entertainment.


2 June 2015:

1700 Ft / person
family of three people: £ 4200
family of four persons: 5000 Ft
family of 5 persons: 5800 Ft
family of 6 persons: 6600 Ft

The entry fee can be paid by bank transfer is June 4th Thursday of the following bank account:

Maccabi Gymnastics and Sport Foundation

For more info and registration on the website:

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The other artist content, prizes, the participating organizations, we will soon publish new information.

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