Fruhauf, the destined MTK player


Coming from a real MTK family, the blue and white team became the Alfred Brull Academy sponsored fencer Benjamin Fruhauf’s second home. We interviewed him about everyday goals and successes.

“Your father is quite popular in the MTK club. Do you think your direct journey to the Csomori street fencing club is thanks to this?”

-I wouldn’t call it a direct journey, since I started fencing at Vasas, which was nearest to my home. When I decided the change, which meant traveling more to practice, I decided on MTK, without a doubt.

“What’s the vibe like at the club and in your department?”

-Above all, it’s like a big family. We can all count on each other, it’s a strong team and our community is great. We help each other, and are worthy competitors to each other, making practices all the more effective.

“You’re also a member of the Alfred Brull Academy.”

– I’m glad I can be a member of the Academy; it’s a huge advantage to us athletes. Sufficed to say, they take a huge stress off my shoulders when their sponsorship helps our abilities to travel.

“Are you content with the past year’s accomplishments?”

-Due to the fact that it’s just my first junior year, I can’t be dissatisfied. At a worldwide level, I  got into the top 32, which is not bad to start. But I’m a maximalist; I’ll probably want to rise to the top.

“But you did once place first, at the European Maccabi Games in Berlin.”

-As a Jewish athlete, the win at the games meant the world to me. The bar was set higher than I had anticipated; the German athlete whom I beat has amazing athletic statistics.

“What are your goals looking forward in your career?”

-Obviously, getting into Nationals is my biggest goal, and from there, to win all other competitions. That’s how I am, I like to win!

(This article is from the MTK website)