FLF Visionary Seminar in Warsaw

Members of the Maccabi VAC Fun Run Support Team Barbara Burián, Gábor Visontai Szőke, Noémi Dancsi, Oliver Tasnádi participated in the Visionary Seminar of the Future Leaders Forum 2017, which was held in Warsaw between 27-30. April 2017.

Members are responsible for organizing the global Maccabi Fun Run community and charity running race therefor the main purpose of the seminar was to develop the communication and leadership skills.

Warsaw has a historical significance that is why Shoa played an important role in the programs. During the 4-day seminar about 40 Jewish participants took part in sessions held by professor Eytan Gilboa, Yair Fraiman and rabbi Carlos Tapiero. The members participated in the Yom Hatzmaut ceremony in the local orthodox synagogue, in a visionary lecture in the Polin Museum and many other leadership sessions and joyful activities.