European Maccabi Games in Budapest


Budapest is hosting the 2019 European Maccabi Games, which is Europe’s largest Jewish sporting event, announced Motti Tichauer, manager to the European Maccabi Confederation. Many Olympic and world champions will participate in the games. The list of Hungarian names included those of Judit Polgar, all time champion, as well as Adam S. Kovacs, world and Europe champion of karate.

“We’ll be the hosts to a very unique event in 2019, and will considered an important milestone in many Jews’ lives, as well as to Budapest and the whole of Hungary as well. In addition, it’s only been a couple days since Budapest was chosen to be the sport capital of Europe in 2019. Even though the games are only for 10 days, it means so much to us; we want to organize the defining moment for young Jews, and show them how athletics not only teaches us discipline but inspires us, with joyful moments”, said the president of the Hungarian Maccabi VAC, Adam Jusztin.

As many as 2,500 athletes will participate in the games, making it the biggest sporting event in our country in 2019.