Maccabi Fun Run went global (Newsletter)


The Maccabi VAC hosted it’s 6th annual Fun Run in the Jewish District of Budapest!

More than 450 runners participated in the Charity Fun Run. Children, adults, and older people all took part in the annual race, where the theme of Tzedakah was prominent.

This year, 11 organisations were supported by the registration fees of the runners. We thank all those who took part in the race and supported their favourite charity!

Other than London, Budapest is the only city to annually hold the Fun Run. This year, the European Maccabi Confederation’s motivated youths managed to inspire 7 other cities to hold similar races, which may open up a huge community all over Europe for Jewish charities.

Support the debut of the nationwide Fun Runs! Donate for runs in the Serbian, French, Italian and Polish Jewish communities.

Check out the Maccabi and the EMC Future Leaders Forum’s first campaign film, in which Budapest is one of the stars. Let’s all support Europe’s Jewish communities!

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Thank you for supporting the Maccabi family!


Fun Run Community and Charity Day in 7 cities in 2016! from European Maccabi Confederation on Vimeo.