Open discussion about the EMG 2019 on 02.18

The organizers of the Maccabi European Games invite everyone for an open discussion about the Maccabi European Games.

Location: Balint Jewish Community Center, 16 Revay Street, Budapest, 1065

Date: February 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM

At the event, the president of the Maccabi VAC, Adam Jusztin, will recount the joyous moment in which Budapest was selected to host the 2019 games.

In addition to Mr. Jusztin, Peter Stern, the general director and Ivan Rozsa, the communication director, will lead a discussion about the general importance of participation in the European Maccabbi Games, the conditions of the applications, as well as the historical importance to our country and the Hungarian Jewish community.

During the the discussion we welcome any questions that may come up, be it about the organisation of the games, the participation of the athletes, or the recruitment of volunteers.

The event is completely free.

The website for the European Maccabi Games in Budapest: