At ATV and the Mazsihisz website: Maccabi Business forum and charity event


The Maccabi Business Forum and charity event was greeted by a plethora of press. ATV conducted a report on the event, in which the European Maccabi Games were in the spotlight.

It was no coincidence, as the host of Berlin is at once inspiring and thought-provoking, as it will be the host of the largest public Jewish event in Germany since 1936.

Listen to the representative of Maccabi World Union, Ilana Ben Namer-Kevehzai, Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor, as well as the president of the Maccabi VAC, Adam Jusztin, speak about the importance of the summer Maccabi games:

At the same time as the ATV report, Mazsihisz’s website published an article about KPMB-Maccabi’s joint event, due to the fact that that Maccabi VAC Hungary was honoured to host a speech from Andras Heisler, the president of Mazsihisz, of which a portion is quoted below:

“It’s important for the Jewish community to be proud of those who we can count on in the long run.”

The article is available here:–fontos-a-magyarorszagi-zsido-kozossegnek,-hogy-legyen-kikre-buszkenek-lennunk-7686.html