2. Maccabi VAC Water Polo Cup

This year we will organize water polo championship hopefully with a great success as it was last year’s. Welcome you all fans! Let’s cheer together with the Maccabi team for the talented water polo team.


The water polo cup will also be a memorial competition as well as celebrates the coach of the team Imre Kovács.  Imre Kovács was the coach of men’s and women’s water polo team in 2013 Maccabiah World Games. Maccabi team won bronze medal in the Jewish Olympics by his expertise through rigorous training plan and motivating personality. In 2014 first Maccabi VAC Water Polo Cup was organized with the help. Unfortunately, since then he has passed away, so the Maccabi VAC respectfully commemorates Imre Kovács by organizing the upcoming water polo championship.


In addition, three other water polo team will compete in the prestigious ranking position at the Maccabiah Cup.


The Maccabi team welcomes you for joining the fans for inspiring event!


Location: Military swimming pool, Artillery Street XIII.kerület


Entrance: Army Sports Ground, Dózsa György út 53rd


Date: June 21, 2015 14 am to 19 pm


Entrance is free of charge!


Pictures of the Polo Cup you I Maccabi VAC: http://maccabi.hu/maccabi-media/nggallery/vizilabda-kupak/vizilabda-kupa-2014


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